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    Shinhwa Co., Ltd. is making every effort with a sense of mission
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  • SHINHWA is a leader
    in Global Casting Technology

    A Progressive Providerwith
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    Shinhwa Co., Ltd.loves nature and
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    Technology for human,
    nature and the environment

    Shinhwa Co., Ltd. is a leader in global casting technology.


Honest and transparent management is the promise of Shinhwa. Meet all of Shinhwawith the development of new technologies inautomotive parts and the best product production line.

The best partner to lead the automotive industry of the future. Shinhwa is constantly striving to become the best partner tolead your company.


Shinhwa’scutting-edge technology is with your car. Meet Shinhwa’s technology which is with your car from the car's constant speed, braking, steering, gearbox to mission case.

Shinhwa's innovative product development is with companies around the world. Through continuous R&D and investment, we are growing into a global company as a partner with companies around the world.